What Is “Wsappx” and Why Is It Running on My PC: check Wsappx CPU usage

By | August 28, 2017

wsappx: If you are a Windows 8 or 10 user, you might see a process called wsappx running in the background. This process is mostly seen running in the ‘windows processes’ section of the Task Manager. The reason for it running is not known to many users.One important piece of information you must know- this is not malware or virus or spyware. It a trusted Windows process. This process is run by the Windows Store (or WS store) while downloading an app or while running it. It tells Microsoft about what apps you have and what versions of them installed.

The app has been reported by many users for high CPU usage. Also, there have been many queries regarding what the process actually is and how to end it.

Where can you check wsappx CPU usage?

Use the Ctrl-Shift-Esc shortcut to open the task manager. Once it opens, under Windows Processes, it will show you a process by the name ‘wsappx.’ Here, you can check the CPU, memory, disk and network usage. There will be a list of many running processes, which might or might not be identified. However, there will be an explanation to all the processes unless there is malware. Search for wsappx and its corresponding usages to know how high (or low) the CPU load is.

What causes the high CPU load?

Sometimes, the CPU usage might go as high as 30% or 40%. And you might face problems with speed or start up. This problem might occur while installing an app from the Windows Store or right after system updates. When you look it up in the task manager, it shows wsappx and a clickable dropdown arrow.

Click on the arrow and you will see one or more services in the list.

They would be WSService, ClipSVC, or AppXSVC. Sometimes, you even see all three of them (when the usage is very high)

ClipSVC– Provides infrastructure support for the deployment of apps on the Microsoft Store. So, it is not advisable to disable or end this, because the Store apps will misbehave.

AppXSVC– This app also provides infrastructure support for the Deployment of apps on the Microsoft store. If it is disabled or stopped, the store applications will not work like they are supposed to.

WSService– this is basically the base infrastructure for the Windows Store app. If disabled, Store will not function.

How to disable Wsappx on Windows 10 and 8:

The app can be disabled by following the next few steps.

  • It cannot be directly disabled from the task manager, so you have to do it from Component services.

Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Component Services > Windows Store Services

  • Or, if the above procedure does not work or you face any problems with it, you can also follow these other steps.

Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services

Under services, you will see Windows store Service. Disable it from the options.

  • If neither of these work, you can perform system Clean Boot by following the steps listed below for Windows 10.
  1. Open the System Configuration on your Windows 10 PC/laptop. This can be done by asking Cortana or run Command.

Cortana will take you to this directly.

  1. Go to the System Configuration dialog box and navigate to Services Tab.
  2. Click and select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and click on disable.
  3. Go to Start-Up tab from the top of the screen and click open task manager.
  4. On this tab, click on each start up item and click disable and close the task manager.
  5. On the start-up tab. Click OK and restart your PC.


Note: you need to be an Administrator to successfully complete the above steps, and you might not able to use certain services during this process.

However, it must be noted that if you disable Store on your device, the process wsappx does not automatically get disabled. The reason for this is not known.

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