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By | August 1, 2017

TVMC APK Download: I hope many of you know about Kodi and XBMC and you guys use it regularly. Do you find any issues and problems with Kodi, So here is an TVMC APK a pre-built onestop solution for all the Kodi users. Kodi is a platform to run multiple add-ons which allows you to watch Tv shows or Movies on your device. Kodi doesn’t come with inbuilt add-ons but you have to install on Kodi in order to use it.Kodi initally called as XBMC. TVMC is an Apk which is inbuilt in all the add-ons you install on Kodi which helps to slove the issues and make you to use Kodi easily. In this article you will get an idea about TVMC and how to install it on your add-on and its APK file. Let me first tell you about TVMC in brief. know all about tvmc apk  and tvmc for windows latest version review from here.

TVMC Apk Download, TVMC For Windows Information:

  • App version – 14.2
  • APK Size – 53MB
  • Category – off-shelf
  • Support Android Version – 4.0.1 and Up
  • App Package – ag.tvaddons.tvmc
  • Available on – Small, Large, Normal, Xlarge Screens.
  • MD5  – 5AAF87998B3D29FA8FB86CCDAA6FE1D9
  • Densities – 120,160,240,320,480
  • Signature – 8CA0D0F9ED5CBC6E22C9B8CA07C636A8D1D5F8CA
  • SHA256 – 3668C44BF6C7F4E8B11502AF40B8310967FEEA45E6BF6FB2B8F62C67F0
  • App Rating – 3.5
  • Last Updated – Apr 22, 2016

What is TVMC APK & TVMC For Windows?

The regular user of Kodi needs TVMC for windows which resolves issues in XBMC/Kodi. TVMC comes inbuilt for many featured add-ons. TVMC comes with lot of features like it gives good performance that can change your experience of using Kodi.  You can observe that TVMC is identical to Kodi but TVMC has one click solution instead of a hug platform like KOdi.

Inbuilt TVMC Apk Features & TVMC Review:

Many may think in which add-on TVMC will be and how will be the performance of Kodi if you install TVMC. Don’t worry TVMC makes Kodi to perform well and these are some add-ons were TVMC will be installed. Famous add-ons like Velocity, cCloudTV, USTVNow, 1Channel, Castaway, Exodus, SALTS and much more.

Some other music add-ons like SoundCloud, Radio, Apple iTunes Podcasts, Broadcastify and much more. If you install program add-ons like NaviX, Addon installed and TVMC make your Kodi run like new.

How Can You Download TVMC APK For Android & Windows?

TVMC was previously available on Google Play Store but they have removed it from Play Store because of hassels with terms and conditions. You can download TVMC Apk file from many websites available online. Choose the best that fits your device and download and you can install it on your Android device.

Andriod Operating System supports TVMC Apk without any issue. You can also download it on Windows and Mac PC and Laptop. TVMC  for windows doesn’t support iOS device but you can use the alternatives available.

So, finally you have decided to download APK file on your Android device and use it for Kodi App. Hope you have come the right place to know how to download TVMC Apk on your device. You can download TVMC from its offical website or else may websites provides it APK file as you can download the latest version which is compatible with your device.


Hope you download TVMC Apk on you Andriod and start using it for your Kodi device. Keep your Kodi device running by resloving all the issues and problems with TVMC App. You can also find alternatives on TVMC applicatio in this article.

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