Adbfire / Adblink Download and Setup Guide for All kodi Devices

By | October 9, 2017

Adbfire Download: Adbfire which is also referred to as adblink is a software which helps you to connect with many kodi devices at once through a single link or a single desktop. Abdfire software comes with a loads of features added to it with compatibility to world’s best known platforms like windows, MAC OS and Linux. With easy installation on the kodi devices, features like taking backup, restoring the data and also installing the apk files are available.

Adbfire / Adblink Download Setup Guide:

This article Abdfire Abdlink download for kodi devices focusses on how you can setup a kodi device (fire-stick) through installing the Adbfire software and connect with all the devices at once. 

Here are the steps For Downloading Abdfire For All Kodi Devices:

  1. Download the software for the preferred platform from the internet and install on the device as the instructed by the software.
  2. When the abdfire installation is complete, you need to have a fire-stick. The working principle of the fire-stick is similar to an USB cable. Connect the fire-stick directly through the HDMI port of the TV and then provide the power supply to it.
  3. A set of instructions will pop up on the television screen. Follow the instructions and connect the television with the local internet connection.
  4. Next, register your fire-stick on amazon. If you have already registered, you can skip this step to the next.
  5. Power up your computer and connect it with the same internet connection.
  6. Now the vital part starts, open the Adbfire software which you have installed earlier.
  7. To convert the fire-stick into a kodi device, you need to download the kodi apk file into it.
  8. Download the file and save to a location in your computer.
  9. After saving, go back to the Adbfire software so that you can add a new device.
  10. On the software window, you will see “New” option. Click on it which will redirect you to a new window of the software.
  11. Enter the description of the device you want to add, enter the IP address of the fire-stick connection and under the media center, select kodi and click save.
  12. Once you have saved the device, you will be again redirected the home window of the software. Click on connect by which the fire-stick will be connected to your computer.
  13. To convert the fire-stick into a kodi device, install the apk file which was downloaded in the 8th step.
  14. Click on install apk option which is available on the home page of Adbfire software. The file will start the installation process which can be acknowledged from the green line below. The installation process might take a few minutes.
  15. When the installation completes, you are connected to a kodi device through internet connection from the computer.

Repeat the above steps with other devices and you will be connected to no. of such kodi devices through a single link of your computer.


If you are fed up of using multiple devices with different interfaces at once, this setup will suit you the best as it will allow you to handle multiple devices from a single screen. Moreover, kodi is compatible to many devices such as chrome-book, chrome-cast and many others.

As mentioned earlier, Abdfire software gives you access to multiple features like taking backup of each device and also restoring the data of each. Also, managing of each device in simpler with only one interfacing screen.

There is no limit on how many devices can be connected. Just configure the required device according to your need and connect it. The software is recommended to people who own many electronic devices and they are finding difficult to manage them.

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